Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Weekly Five - Friday 1/15/10

The Weekly Five

Alright folks, I'm starting a new series and for lack of a more catchy name I'm calling it The Weekly Five; it should post either Thursday or Friday each week.

 I got this fabulous idea after reading a post called Is Silence Really Golden? at Adrienne's Corner. I was so amazed...I mean really flattered...that Adrienne had this to say about me:

"Patty at St. Monica's Tears is worth a daily visit for her inspirational posts"

She hasn't put me on her blogroll yet, nor is she following me, but in due time...

So the whole idea behind this new series is to introduce the folks on my blogroll to any and all who read this post. The plan is to feature 5 blogs per week and give a little overview...what they write about, that type of thing.

Since Adrienne was so gracious as to mention me on her blog, I will launch this whole series with none other than (drum roll) Adrienne's Corner!

1. Adrienne's Corner - Adrienne's blog header says "Still Catholic, Still Conservative" (yes - this I like). She has a daylilly nursery, is a Master Gardener and has a wonderful series called Twelve Steps for Catholics.  Much of what she blogs on is political yet with a nice dose of humor. Anyone following Adrienne's Corner is apt to be pleased with her writing.

2. A Catholic Mom in Hawaii - Ester  has a very nice inspirational Catholic blog, she is a homeschooler and has pets.  Once on Ester's site you will find she has alot of links to other Catholic resources.  She has also linked to this YouTube Video, For All The Saints, it is very graphic, so beware.  Once on Ester's site check out her profile, she has numerous blogs, some of which are team blogs. Very nice, well worth a frequent visit.

3. Abba's Little Girl - Is home to Patty Bonds.  Patty is a convert and avowed lay person. You may know her as the sister of the well known anti-Catholic (I'm having an Alzheimer's moment on his first name) last name White. I think I first met Patty on Marcus Grodi's Journey Home Show on EWTN.  Patty has an amazing conversion story, but the link on her blog doesn't work. Patty and I share a similar white martrydom from family members we dearly love. Patty blogs on faith and family; visitors to Patty's blog will be pleased.

4. Abba's Way - Is home to Mary a committed Catholic, a wife and mother. She is pro-life and loves praying the mercy chaplet and the rosary. Mary's blog here is poetry, I look at it periodically.  She also writes at A Beautiful Gate which I read more frequently, her writing here is very spiritual.

5. Behold Your Mother: A Bouquet of Love to Mary From Her Children - Heidi Saxton is the author of this blog. As the name says this is a beautiful tribute of love to the Blessed Mother. Heidi no longer writes on this blog, however; she can be found at Extraordinary Moms Network. Here she writes to offer encouragement and guidance for adoptive mothers and foster moms, etc.

Well, there you have it, the debut of...The Weekly Five.

Now that the debut post has been written, I will not be back to write the second post in this series for two weeks as I will be flying to Washington, D.C. to join the youth and young adults of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis at the march for Life. Please keep all of us in your prayers as I will you.

God will I will be back January 29, with the second post of this series. 


Adrienne said...

Patty - Well, ok then! I can take a hint. I shall see to getting you on the sidebar today. Promise!

I have more than a slight case of adult ADD. I have an email hanging about in my tray with your name on it. To be fair, it's only been there for two days. I'll get that sent today, too - ;-)

Esther G. said...

Patty, thank you very much. What a very nice surprise. Thanks for introducing me to your blog. I'm adding you to my sidebar and will be reading you regularly.

Mary333 said...

Thank you, Patty! I really appreciate your words about my blog. Tell Adrienne and Esther they're behind the eightball, I've had you in my sidebar for a while ;) God bless you and may He continue to inspire you. I have been on a little blog break and am behind in my posting and reading. I really like this idea and am tempted to do it on my own site, also. There are many wonderful new blogs this past year and this is a good way to make them known. We are all together in this work and should support each other. I will check out the links that I don't follow yet.

Heidi Saxton said...

Thanks for the kind words, Patty!

God bless you in this important ministry ... So many mothers have sons who have wandered from the path. United in prayer, miracles can happen.