Friday, January 15, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday - Friday 1/15/10

I  am joining Jennifer and others at Conversion Diary and 7 Quick Takes, why don't you join me it should be lots of fun!

Before I begin I'd like to offer a Hail Mary for the poor folks in Haiti, please join me.

Hail Mary,
 Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of death.
If you'd like to make an online donation to help in the relief efforts you can do so through Catholic Relief Services

++ 1 ++
Today one of the main things I have been focusing on is the Pro-Life Youth Pilgrimage to Washington D.C.  In fact it is something I have been focusing on for several weeks...since about at least mid-November.  Things are coming together and all should go well for the buses that are leaving Wednesday for our nation's capitol to protest the decision that was made when "Satan dawned judicial robes and entered the supreme court chamber declaring abortion the law of the land". (Father John Corapi ~~paraphrased).

++ 2 ++

This evening we had our monthly Archdiocesan Youth for Life (AYL) meeting.  These are a great bunch of young people. They are so energetic and "on fire" for the Catholic Faith. The time I am able to spend with these young people helps to fill the voluminous void left by the lack of contact I have with my own 5 grandchildren.  You see as tragic as it sounds, my son has pretty much disowned me and his Dad and we are not allowed much contact with our only grandchildren. If we see them once or twice a year we are doing good...and they only live about 20 minutes away. This is because we try to faithfully live our Catholic Faith which our son has turned his back on to embrace an anti-Catholic, non-denominational religious view.  Fortunately we are able to visit with our oldest grandson from his previous marriage.  Through a lot of rough times we have been able to maintain a friendly and good relationship with his first wife. We are very grateful and only wish our schedule would allow for more time with him. I've been told my son's behavior is despicable...I must admit I am embarrassed for him.

Back to the AYL meeting; the president and vice-president of the group are going off to college so discussion centered around membership recruitment and early elections.  They also discussed the retreat they have planned for June of this year along with their involvement with the Sanctity of Life Banquet and the Italian Festival.  Prayer was requested by one of the members for her sister who is entering a community of cloistered Carmelites.

++ 3 ++

I have been thinking about my niece Kashara quite a bit lately.  She is beautiful both in appearance and spirit. She will be 19 on February 1 and is going to IU School of Nursing, just like her Aunt Patty - yes! We are planning a lunch together, just us 3 girls; Kashara, Janet (her Mom and my sister) and me.  She is pictured here with our youngest and unmarried son at her high school graduation last May.

I have also been thinking about my youngest son a lot lately.  He came over for dinner Sunday and spent a few hours visiting with us; it was a nice treat.

++ 4 ++

I am looking forward to my new Tiber River book review, St .Augustine Answers 101 Questions on Prayer, by Fr. Cliff Ermatinger.  It looks very, very good and with any luck I will be able to get it read on the flight to and from Washington D.C. Fr. Cliff Ermatinger was on the Sonrise Morning Show on EWTN the other morning discussing this book and it sounds as though I will enjoy it.  The only drawback I see at this point; other than all the well known quotes and the things I know about St. Augustine in general and because I have a devotion to his mother, I've never actually read anything he has written.  But on second thought maybe this is not a may actually be the thing that spurs me on to read more of his writings.  I've always wanted to read his Confessions maybe this will be just the boost I need! 

++ 5 ++

Please pray for my brother-in-law Sam, he recovered about 2 weeks ago from a long struggle with pneumonia after which x-rays showed a suspicious spot on his lung. I just found out his daughter-in-law took him to the emergency room last night because he could not breath.  I will be taking my husband to see him later this morning.

++ 6 ++

I'm thinking about the Washington Trip.  There is a lot of detail to putting it all together so it will all come off smoothly, and...the planning is a bit stressful, but the rewards are really GOOD.  It has an energizing effect to help folks carry on with pro-life ministry for yet another year. It sort of combats the feelings of discouragement from the negative impact the secular humanist media and the current government administration has on life. Below I have shared links to two YouTube videos produced by one of our AYL members. True these are more geared for teens, but I share them because this is an example of the teens that are being formed as our future pro-life leaders within the Catholic Church, through involvement with AYL.  The young man that produced these videos has a promising career with his company Starlight Media Productions.

++ 7 ++

 Speaking of Secular Humanists - until I saw Steve Mosher, President of the Population Research Institute on EWTN Live  with Father Mitch Pacwa 1/13/2010, I really didn't know anything about these people other than their view was certainly anything but Christian. Well this program with Steve Mosher was rather eye-opening for me. I'm probably the only one ignorant of these things, but I was horrified to hear these people view humans as no different than a herd of cattle...and since our population is out of control "so they think" and we are polluting the world, the "human herd" needs to be "thinned"...there you have it! The obvious solution, ABORTION! You may want to view my side bar and scroll down to, "The Demographic Winter". On that horrifying note I need to go pray!


I will be in Washington D.C. protesting the abortion holocaust next friday, so God willing, I will be back same time, same place in two weeks...until then you will be in my prayers through, with and in the Lord of Life.

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