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This blog is an outreach of Patty Arthur, RN, FCN the parish nurse and Health Ministry director at Saint Joseph Catholic Church, Indianapolis, in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis.
In this unique resource for holistic living in the abundance of the Catholic faith,  is found only one way the St. Joseph Health Ministry follows Mary's example of reaching out to others, loving one another, loving as God requires - unconditionally. 
I will share my journey of continuing conversion toward the peace and joy that is found in knowing, loving and serving the Truth which is Christ Jesus and subsists fully within His Catholic Church. Secondly this blog will provide a resource for living a holistic and abundant life reflecting the Church's teaching that all people are made in the image and likeness of God. Responding to this truth and in view of the sanctity and dignity of each human person - from the moment of conception to natural death - this blog will attempt to put forth the Church's teaching using Sacred Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and other authentically Catholic Resources. In addition information will be gleaned from a variety of health related resources.
The resources provided in this blog will include the following as well as other information:
  • Faith Life - Building a relationship with God, your neighbors, and yourself.
  • Movement - Discovering ways to enjoy physical activity.
  • Medical - Partnering with your healthcare provider to manage your medical care.
  • Work - Appreciating your skills, talents, and gifts.
  • Emotional - Managing stress and understanding your feelings to better care for yourself.
  • Nutrition - Making smart food choices and developing healthy eating habits.
  • Family and Friends - Giving and receiving support through relationships.  

As a method of organizing the material in this blog I am using the format for the "Rule of Life" I've developed following the pattern set out in the book A Mother's Rule of Life: How to Bring order to Your Home and Peace to Your Soul, by Holly Pierlot.
In her book she describes the 5 Priorities (5 P's) in life (in order) as: Prayer, Person, Partner, Parent and Provider. These 5 P's are discussed in detail under the tab Five Priorities. While Holly writes primarily to an audience of young Catholic mothers, her book can be adapted to any stage in life. I find it an excellent resource even for use in health ministry.    
I am a wife of 40 years+, a mother of 2 adult sons and grandmother of 5 grandchildren ranging in age from 20 to 10 years of age. 
I have cared for both my parents - my Dad during a terminal lung disease and my Mom as she deteriorated with the cruelness of Alzheimer's Disease. I also cared for my sister as she suffered the same terminal lung disease of my Dad and cared for my brother-in-law during his battle with lung cancer.
I am  an experienced licensed registered nurse with special training in Parish Nursing/Faith Community Nursing (FCN). My experience includes hospital nursing at both Riley Children's Hospital and IU Health Methodist Hospital (formerly Methodist Hospital). My nursing expertise is in Home Care Nursing, entering the field as a Case Manager and eventually becoming Director of Nursing and Alternate Administrator of a small family owned non-Catholic Christian based home care company. I am a consecrated member of the Missionary Servants of the Gospel of Life, a lay association of individuals called to give honor and glory to God through pro-life and pro-family ministry, prayer and sacrifice. I am also a member of Healthcare Professionals for Divine Mercy, the Indiana State Nurses Association, the National Association of Catholic Nurses - USA, National Association of Pro-Life Nurses, the Nurses Christian Fellowship and Health Ministries Association.   

The St. Joseph Health Ministry has multiple programs for helping both the near-born, the long-born and all those in between. Our growing list of programs include:

  • Volunteer training 
  • Weekly snippets of health information in the parish bulletin
  • Month;y Prayer and Adoration for women in crisis pregnancy
  • A quarterly educational newsletter
  • Annual Health Fair
  • Annual Appreciation Luncheon
  • CPR classes every other year for liturgical ministers
  • Guest speakers on a variety of health related topics 
  • Assistance for home-bound parishioners with light tasks, shopping and socialization
  • One on one health related counseling and advocacy
  • Outreach to mother and baby 
  • Transportation Ministry
  • Annual Remembrance Mass for the Sick

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