Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Pill at 50: science, stigma, self-empowerment...and the BIG LIE

You may have been unfortunate enough to see this horrendous news story (which is really all about the use and exploitation of women) on the Today Show Friday May 7.

I would not have seen this myself had I not been at the car dealership having some maintenance work done.

The Pill at 50: Science, stigma, self-empowerment

If you are interested in the truth concerning the Pill and the legacy it has left.  I recommend here only a few of the many resources available.

1) Dr. Janet Smith blasts AFP for 'inaccurate' contraception article :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Concerning another erroneous article applauding 'the Pill', this article begins: "Responding to a recent Agence France Presse (AFP) article that criticized Catholic teaching on contraception, well-known professor, Dr. Janet Smith, said that in her opinion, the poorly researched piece “was inaccurate and slanted from the beginning.”

2) One More Soul is a website filled with morally (biblically) acceptable resources for married couples, as well as a variety of other resources documenting the sanctity and dignity of human life from conception to natural death.

3) Concerning human sexuality and true marital happiness, joy and unity with God, take a look at the resources found at Ascension Press, Christopher West, Catholic Exchange: Theology of the Body, Theology of the Body InstituteTheology of the Body General Audiences of Pope John Paul the Great, or St John Cantius.

4) For a prophetic review of our current moral and cultural condition; read the very short (only 31 paragraphs), but in depth encyclical letter given to the Church on July 25, 1968 by Pope Paul VI, Humanae Vitae.

Take it from someone who's marriage and life was all but destroyed by artificial contraception..the Pill and tubiligation; [in Janet Smith's words] “who looks foolish?”...she asked. “The Church for not changing a teaching that almost guarantees happiness or a culture that is pushing an agenda that almost guarantees misery?”

But for the grace of God my marriage would have been included in the divorce statistics, instead the Holy Spirit led my husband and I after 29 years of marriage (through EWTN television and radio) on a whirlwind of a surprising, yet exciting and grace-filled journey of spiritual renewal and reversion. We whole-heartedly embrace the Church's teaching on marriage and sexuality and engage in ministries to help others not make the same mistakes we did in our marriage during our furtile years.

Pray for sins committed against marriage and all sins committed against life


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Anonymous said...

Would you say more about how your marriage and life was "all but destroyed by artificial contraception"? Perhaps you have written of this already; could you show me where I can read about your story?

God Bless You!

-Curious K

Patty said...

Dear Curious K,

No I have not written about this part of my life, although at some point I hope, God willing, to write my complete reversion story and this will be a necessary part of it.

Let me just say the obvious barrier contraception puts between egg and sperm does not stop there. It also puts an emotional and spiritual barrier between husband and wife, which may not be noticeable right away.

In my case the first 10 years appeared to be happy ones and then rather suddenly it became clear we were not at all happy. The next 15 years or so seemed as though we were strangers and sometimes even enemies living in the same house. There was an obvious barrier emotionally, spiritually and even physically between us.

That all changed when we both began to learn and really live our faith, and after taking the sin of contraception to the confessional.

For more information I refer you to the links below. The first 2 are audios of Janet Smith's talk "Contraception: Why Not?" The last one is the text version.

God bless you.