Sunday, April 11, 2010

Coming to Indy in January 2011

Rebecca Kiessling's story of being conceived in rape and nearly aborted at two back-alley abortions. Information for having Rebecca as a Pro-Life Speaker at your crisis pregnancy center banquet, right to life fundraiser, church, Students for Life event, school, or rally.

We've all heard someone say:  "I'm pro-life, well, except in cases of rape . . ." or "I'm pro-choice, especially in cases of rape !"

Have you ever considered how really insulting it is to say to someone, "I think your mother should have been able to abort you."?  It's like saying, "If I had my way, you'd be dead right now."  And that is the reality with which I live every time someone says they are pro-choice or pro-life "except in cases of rape" because I absolutely would have been aborted if it had been legal in Michigan when I was an unborn child, and I can tell you that it hurts.  More

Rebecca Kiessling will be the keynote speaker at the Indianapolis March and Rally for Life in January 2011, more details will follow as they develop.

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Esther G. said...

Patty, she is a FB friend. But I didn't know too much about her. What an amazing woman!