Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

This is my first attempt at sharing blog posts on Sunday Snippets - A Catholic Carnival

I have had a very good Advent thus far.  I along with a number of other friends have prayed a novena to Bishop Simon Brute' whose cause for beatification is being studied. We prayed for Bishop Brute's intersession for the healing of an 11 year old boy who has an incurable eye disease. Bishop Brute' is the founding Bishop of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis which at that time was called the Diocese of Vincennes.  He was a very holy man and spent some time teaching at Mount St. Mary's in Emmitsburg, prior to his coming to Indiana in the early 1800's. This boy and his family went to Vincennes yesterday to pray the final novena prayer at the tomb of Bishop Brute' and to venerate his bible, a second class relic.

Friday evening my husband and I went to an Our Lady of Guadalupe party, put on by the Archdiocesan Youth for Life, whom we have sort of adopted as "grandchildren".  The party was preceded by the Extraordinary Form of the Mass and final novena prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe.  The teens then decorated Priori Hall while Sister and I picked up cheese and mushroom pizza.  The evening events included Mexican music and a penyada.  It was all grande fun.

Today our house was Enthroned...but, I think I will wait to give the details next Sunday.

Now for sharing posts...the first post I want to share is Splendor of the Church. Primarily this blog post is a description of Saint Joseph Communications Special Edition of Scott Hahn’s popular DVD The Splendor of the Church.  In this post I describe the DVD and provide links to Saint Joseph Communications where a trailer of the DVD can be viewed and where it can be purchased.

I also want to share King Henry VIII's letter to Pope Leo X on his book entitled  Defence of the Seven Sacraments Against Martin Luther.  This is a very eye-opening letter concerning King Henry VIII and his loyality to the Catholic Church (when this letter was written) and his stand against heresy. I'm sure our Protestant brothers and sister are completly unaware of the information contained in this letter and book. I also provide a link to Keys of Peter, where this book can be purchased as well as other information obtained.

My next post is called "Catholic, but" and is a YouTube video.  This video focuses on what Archbishop Fulton Sheen called "but Catholics" those who are "Catholic in name only", and our response and responsibility to them.

Another post I want to share is called Necessary Qualities for Those Who Mourn for Fallen Away Family and Friends. This post describes qualities that were predominant in the life of St. Monica and essential to the conversion of St. Augustine and others within her family through her intercession for them.  Included in this post are a few short prayers I use to ask St. Monica for her intercession in my family.

The final post I want to share is Advent: An Exercise in Patient, Humble, Simple Obedience. This post is a bit of a mini-reflection on how the season of Advent ties into the dispostion one should have when helping fallen away Catholics return home to the fullness of Christianity and Christ's Church.

I love to write, but have not done much of it lately so, my pen is just a bit rusty.  I'm hoping my blog will act as oil on this rusty pen of mine and the writing skills I once had will reemerge and develop into something substantial. Say a prayer for me, I desperately need it!

Hope to have some good stuff posted for next week. God bless you all!


RAnn said...

Thanks for joining us!

Mary333 said...

Our Church has a party in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe each year. First there is a march for life and then a big party at our parish center. When my daughter is a little older I plan on taking her, I think it's great to get young people involved in these things and it's a lot of fun for them :)

I started doing the Sunday Snippets a few months ago, I have found some great blogs through this meme.

Anonymous said...

Keep praying for the intercession of Bishop Brute. He was a very holy man!

I too am praying for a cure for a little guy (7 months old) who has some sort of blood disease that they cannot figure out - it doesn't even have a name!

Thanks for your comments!

Colleen said...

Glad to see you join us! Have a blessed Christmas!