Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Splendor of the Church

Detailed Description
There is no shortage of bad news in the Catholic Church today. Scandal, Catholic-in-name-only politicians and policy makers, reduced mass attendance, especially among the young, and on and on and on. Are you finally ready for some “Good News?” We thought so. That’s why Saint Joseph Communications has produced a Special Edition of Scott Hahn’s popular DVD The Splendor of the Church.

External Attraction
When renowned convert Scott Hahn began to study Catholicism, he quickly discovered an authentic splendor about the Catholic Church. At first he was attracted by the Church’s artwork, architecture, intellectual and cultural achievements, humanitarian services, miraculous elements and the heroic virtues of the Saints. But looking closer he found an even more exciting interior splendor, especially in liturgy and worship. Here Hahn discovered the amazing fulfillment of the Old Covenant Passover in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Special Edition

As you watch this new Special Edition of The Splendor of the Church, you will accompany Scott Hahn as he began to uncover the true interior splendor within the Catholic Church. You will share his contagious joy of discovery as he describes his journey through Scripture to find that Jesus is the cause of the prerogatives of Mary, that it is Jesus who established the Church, that it is Jesus who guarantees the papacy, and so much more. Plus in this newly mastered Special Edition you will see on-screen images of the many treasures of art and architecture Scott describes from his meeting with Pope John Paul II in Rome and more.

A Message to the Church

This inspiring presentation also includes a special message for Catholics in America to always love the Church and thereby avoid the path of the Biblical Church of Ephesus that “turned aside from their first love.” The message and spirit of this remarkable presentation is as fresh and encouraging as it was when it was taped in the 1990s. And this new Special Edition makes it more of a joy to watch and share than ever before! Rediscover why the true splendor of the Church, the mystery of Christ Himself, must be reclaimed, and proclaimed, today and always.



  • What the Church teaches about her external splendors
  • What it is about the Church that sets her apart from all denominations
  • How the Catholic Church is the “family of God”
  • Why Catholic missionaries were so successful among the barbarians of Europe
  • What is the theme of the Mystery of Christ
  • Why externals matter in liturgy and worship
  • Why Our Lord’s words to the Church in Ephesus are crucial for Catholics today
  • How faith means obedience to the truth taught by the Church
  • What it takes to become a saint
  • And much, much more!

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