Monday, December 1, 2014

Fifteen Benefits for the Husband or Wife of a Nurse

If you are married to a nurse, you have a luxurious advantage afforded to no other person. There are many positives that your husband or wife has attained with your marital bond.... and it's perfectly okay to remind him/her how lucky they are to have you.

Like your good looks, nice wardrobe and great personality, some of the positives are obvious, while others—the "hidden" perks—are not so evident.

On the serious side:

1.      Nurses make a comfortable living, are goal-oriented, and future-focused. These are very positive qualities, the husband or wife married to someone with these qualities has a person who knows what he/she wants and has a plan for getting there. This equals stability!
2.      Nurses are hardworking. We worked hard to get our degrees and licensure, and now toil at work every day. After all, relationships need a serious dose of elbow grease to be successful and long-lasting. They do not simply exist, but, like your flower garden, require constant work and routine maintenance to grow. So when you’re married to a nurse, expect him/her to put in that extra effort to make it work.
3.      Nurses are good listeners, complete with understanding and patience. Our work life has taught us to be patient listeners! We are experts at putting ourselves in other people's shoes in understanding his/her position. Building a successful marriage requires patience, understanding, and good listening skills.
4.      Nurses are compassionate.  Not only are we great listeners, but we are well equipped to help handle difficult situations. We will always "be there"!
5.      We tend not to sweat the small stuff.  When you take care of sick patients all day long, having dirty dishes in the sink or having the toilet seat up are not really big issues to us.
6.      Nurses deal with life and death situations on a daily basis. We tend to handle everyday stressors, which may "freak" some people out, with a quick-witted remark and a smile.

Now for the "hidden" perks for the husband or wife of a nurse:
7.      We have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly involving the human body. Nothing surprises, shocks, or disgusts us! More importantly, we tend not to laugh anymore about anomalies with any human body.
8.      We don't mind the dirtier cleaning jobs around the house. When you empty bedpans for years on end, no cleaning task bothers you.
9.      We have cool work tools your husband or wife can play with.
10.  Free medical advice and care, even for his/her family and friends!
11.  We are really good at bed baths—and making beds for that matter.  What other professional has been trained to give baths and make beds? Add to that a one-of-a-kind bedside manner and you've got a combo that's hard to beat.
12.  We are great at medicating minor headaches and flu symptoms.
13.  We can multi-task like nobody else.
14.  We look good in our nursing scrubs.

And most importantly:
15.  Your husband or wife will be proud to say he/she is married to a nurse!

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