Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pro-life meeting

"Planned Parenthood is the number one enemy of unborn babies, and of American families," declared Eric Scheidler, Communications Director of the Pro-Life Action League, at the conclusion of a closed-door summit of pro-life leaders on September 18 on how to confront Planned Parenthood. The summit was the first of its kind, drawing pro-life leaders from across the nation to share strategies for defending American families from Planned Parenthood. This meeting had many interesting aspects to it. One of the leaders Joe Scheidler commented about how great it was to see young people at the meeting. so now the question. How do we get all of the younger generation involved. Many of the teens I know their parents grew up in the lie of Contraception and the lie of abortion. So they will try to spread that lie to their children but now it is our turn to teach the younger generation about the truth. There are more and more of the younger generation being feed up by the results of this lie and searching for the truth now we need to start to help them understand how to live that truth. As future priest it will be part of what you are dealing with for if we don't get the message of not doing it out then we have to go through the healing processes with them. Either way we will be dealing with these issues how great it is to save someone before they are hurt by it.

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